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Dance-students Fontys ACI attend festival in Boston after researching the future of club culture

9 May 2017 - 14:45

Students from Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (Fontys ACI) Tilburg in the Netherlands have researched the future of club culture commissioned by two international music festivals. As the outcome three students will travel to Together Boston, one of the participating events, to pitch their concept this month and to make a documentary.

Logo Together festival

The research concerns a collaboration between Fontys ACI’s minor Dance Industry, Together Boston and DIT (Do It Together) in Eindhoven. The two festivals stand in character of arts and technology in the day time and electronic music at night. These two line-up’s will take place in May this year.

Innovation is a key player in the program of both festivals. From there the need for more information about upcoming trends in the future of club culture arose. This information can help the indoor clubs and party life which are under heavy pressure from the festival market and needs, according to the clients, new impulses.

Innovation Partners: Ableton and TNO

Six groups of students from the minor Dance Industry went out and did their research. While doing so they started the conversation with innovation (dance)parties like DJ software developer Ableton, VPRO Medialab, show designer 250K and TNO.

After two pitches, held via Skype, it was time for Together Boston, DIT and accompanying ACI teachers to pick the winning group. These winners will travel to the Unites States to pitch their concept and work behind the scenes at Together Boston. The winning concept consists of an artificial intelligence program that uses data generated by the club attendees to provide the group with the music they all want to hear. The students will also make a mini-documentary about Together Boston.

The collaboration between Fontys ACI and Together Boston was established last year. The American festival has a strong connection with the Dutch dance scene, which functions as a strong inspiration. Together Boston is supported by the Dutch Culture USA, a department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs which promotes the Dutch Culture in the USA.