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Join us at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

16 February 2017 - 11:45

We like to be entertained. We seek new ways in which to improve our health and we constantly look for new ways to spend our free time. Fashion and looks are important to us, we prefer sustainable products and we like to play games using smart gadgets. This is why Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in the city of Tilburg exists. We train people to create beautiful concepts to improve our quality of life. We train them for an industry in which creativity is of the highest value to a product or service. We educate young people who feel at home in the (digital) world of entertainment and lifestyle, and understand that creativity can also mean business. This article introduces our bachelor programmes and some of the experiences of students studying at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries.

Luna Nijhuis


Lifestyle is all about the way in which people shape their lives: sports and exercise, health, food, work and leisure time, looks, fashion, home and personal environment. International Lifestyle Studies grants our students insight into the lifestyles of various groups of people within our society. Students learn how to research mentality trends on these subjects. They use this knowledge to develop new lifestyle concepts that enhance the quality of people’s lives, both at an individual level and a societal level. A unique feature of this program is that we stimulate being creative and business-minded. Students learn how to analyse trends and develop concepts. From the first day on, students are assigned tasks for companies within the lifestyle industry.

SECOND-YEAR STUDENT– LUNA NIJHUIS about International Lifestyle Studies

‘They train you to be an all-round professional. Writing, observing, examining and making magazines, everything joins together. In the end you are able to make something out of nothing. However, you have to work hard for it, and to me it's worth the effort as it increases my opportunities for a job. After graduation I shall be among the top in trend watching. I'll be able to analyse the shift in values and standards in society, not only in the short term, but also in the long term. This is a place that matches my dream. I want to dig my heels in, I want to look at things, give my opinion and set people to think.’

Jasper Leijten


Students at the BA IEMES combine courses about communication with courses about the event, music and entertainment industries. We offer a four-year full-time study programme with emphasis on the development of your creative identity and industry-specific skills and knowledge. You will work on real-life projects and participate in our theme weeks when we meet inspirational partners from the industry. There’s a mix of group assignments and individual assignments. Our graduates pursue careers such as communication manager or concept developer within the event, music and entertainment industries. They end up at production companies, as television producers, at cultural institutions such as theatres, at event, fair and conference agencies and at internet companies.

FOURTH-YEAR STUDENT – JASPER LEIJTEN about International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies

‘This is a place where great things happen and where students ‘do’ rather than learn. I got to know students who wouldn’t just settle for lectures and classes but really wanted to find out things themselves. I started the study as an open minded sixteen-year old youngster and I am the man that I am today because of all the things I have done: a minor in Australia, attending the Media Future Week, working at ‘Mysteryland’, organising the study trip to Prague, constantly looking for opportunities to improve myself. Events bring out the best in me. It feels like a roller coaster: spiralling up, the climax, the thrill, the evaluation and then doing it all over again in a few months time.’

Rob Coolen


The last few years has seen an impressive stream of new, innovative digital products aimed at making life more convenient, yet also, more challenging. Whereas some of these commercial concepts disappear very quickly, others endure to become part of the everyday digital landscape. In the rapidly expanding market for digital concepts, companies urgently need marketeers with expertise in digital strategies. To meet this growing demand, we train our students to combine financial models with technological and creative innovations.

Our students are well prepared to deal with digital innovations both practically and on a consultative level. Our graduates are able to advise start-ups and large corporations on their online strategies.

THIRD-YEAR STUDENT – ROB COOLEN about Digital Business Concepts

‘I definitely wanted to do something commercial. Then I realised that most of the Commercial Economics educational programmes are very broad, while with DBC you specialise in one particular world – the online world. You combine commercial economics with the digital world. I am working on a minor in Entrepreneurship. Last year, we won a prize with our start-up. This prize means that we receive support from a group of investors that work together with you to fine-tune and improve your start-up. They not only give you advice but you also get a starting amount of €50,000 to realise your start-up. DBC is appropriate for a student that is definitely commercial and creative but who can also think out of the box. If you're someone who likes digital developments, lean methods and the new way of doing business, then DBC is right for you.’

Learn more about our bachelor programmes at Fontys.edu of Fontysaci.com